Bring Cyber-security into everything you do. Learn how to build your own OT Infrastructure with no IT Knowledge, no subscriptions, massive encrypted throughput and full end-to-end cyber-security.

TOSIBOX® transformative technology is revolutionizing the OT IT relationship. Now everyone, no matter your business model or size, can have automated data collection, remote access, cybersecurity and access control without the complication and cost of traditional IT or the security risks of cloud-based VPN solutions.

Previously the infrastructure supporting SCADA and operations had to be implemented by traditional IT methods to ensure appropriate levels of security and connectivity. Today, the automation in TOSIBOX® OT network technology allows integrators, operators, and service teams to build the secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional IT. Considering the economic challenges currently put on our municipalities and the increased need for cyber-secure systems, use this NetLab as an opportunity to learn how to evolve your Water and Wastewater OT network infrastructure.

Join this 30-minute session where Tosibox will teach to do something in 10 seconds that used to take 10 years to master.

Water / Wastewater – TOSIBOX® Application netLab 20

When : Oct 13, 2020 1:00 PM EDT

Price : FREE!

Not convinced? Check out the Tosibox White Pages for Water/Wastewater applications!

Post made by Alexandra Juckins