Macromatic General Purpose Relays provide high reliability and durability for applications requiring an economical solution. These high-capacity relays have LED indication, UL/cUL and CE approval, and are RoHS compliant. The three different terminal options available are:

GS Series
GB Series
GR Series

The GS Series Slim Relays

The GS Series (Slim Relays) compact relay and socket for DIN-rail mounting is assembled as one unit and must be used together. The device is 6mm wide, designed for high density applications. The relay and socket installation provides 1 Form C Contact rated at 6 Amp 250VAC/30VDC.

The GS Series Blade Relays

The GB Blade Relays are “Cube Style” relays configured with Blade style terminals. They are rated for 20,000,000 mechanical operations. Even though compact in size, these relays provide up to 12 Amp contacts at various AC & DC Coil voltage ratings.

DIN-rail or screw-mounted

The GR Series Round Relays

The GR Series Round Relays are also “Cube Style” relays configured with Octal Style terminals and are rated for 10,000,000 mechanical operations. These relays provide up to 10 Amp contacts at various AC & DC coil voltage ratings.

DIN-rail or screw mounted

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