Macromatic introduces their newest products, a UL approved, DIN-Rail mounting Three-Phase Monitor Relay which protects your equipment with industry leading communication technology via Modbus TCP.

This PC Series Three-Phase Monitor Relay protects equipment from voltage faults and communicate via Modbus TCP. This makes data available for continuous monitoring, real-time alerts and intelligent troubleshooting of voltage systems.

Why Communication?

Real-time data improves decision making within modern control systems. Not only is this an affordable IoT solution, it also creates an advantage in automation applications which require protection of valuable three-phase equipment within a “smart” connected control system. The universal monitored voltage range of 190 to 600V AC covers more global applications.

Protects Against :

  • Damage due to phase loss
  • Damage due to phase reversal
  • Damage due to phase unbalance
  • undervoltage & overvoltage
  • Detect single phasing, high, low, and unbalanced voltages regardless of any regenerative voltages

This 60 mm wide enclosure meets IEC Standards and mounts on 35 mm DIN-Rail or a Panel with two screws inserted through extended clips on the back of the enclosure. 5A SPDT output contacts. Manufactured in the USA (Milwaukee, Wisconsin).


When the proper three-phase line voltage is applied to the unit and the phase sequence is correct, the relay is energized after the Restart Delay is completed. Any one of the five fault conditions will de-energize the relay after the trip delay. As standard, re-energization is automatic upon correction of the fault condition. Manual reset is enable by installing a momentary N.C. switch connected to the terminal 5 & 6. A bi-color status LED indicates normal condition and provides specific fault indication to simplify troubleshooting.

Reach out to WD Engineering today to see a sample, or learn more information on the Macromatic website below:

PC1MDUL | 3-phase Monitor Relay With Communication Via Modbus Tcp | Macromatic

Posted by Alexandra Clausen