While other relay manufacturers struggle with supply chain issues, Macromatic remains fully stocked. Among their offerings are : Time-Delay Relays, General Purpose Relays, Intrinsically Safe Relays, 3-Phase Monitor Relays, Alternating Relays, Percentage Timers, and more.

Time Delay Relays TAA1U

Our Multi-Function, Multi-Range Analog Set series offers :

  • 6 field-selectable functions in one unit
  • Large dial for setting of time delay
  • 50ms to 100 hours programmable timing range
  • Universal 100-240V AC/24-240V DC Input voltage
  • Panel, track or surface mounting
  • 1/16 DIN Style case (Comes with panel-mounting adapter)

Three-Phase Monitor Relays PMPU/PMD

The Three-Phase Monitor Relays protects against Phase Loss, Phase Reversal, Phase Unbalance, Undervoltage & Overvoltage

  • Universal voltage range of 190-500V (Wire Socket)
  • True RMS Voltage measurement
  • Retains fault indication and continues monitoring all voltages, even with phase loss
  • Full fault contact indication on top of unit
  • Manual reset option
  • 10A SPDT output contacts
  • DIN Rail or Wiring Socket


Macromatic has many more products that are IN STOCK. Check out their website at Macromatic Industrial Controls: Electrical Relays and Timers or reach out to WD Engineering Sales for more information.

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