The effective coverage area for each device varies with requirements for alarm, warning, or indication. Whether using an audible, visual, or combined device, the purpose of the signal is extremely important to consider. Below is a breakdown of Pfannenberg’s Visual Alarms, Audible Alarms, Combined Signaling, and Stacklight offerings.

Visual Signals

Industrial Flashing Strobe Beacons utilize glass tubes filled with xenon gas to produce a bright flash of light when energized. The technology is also used for strobe lights and flash photography. Flashing beacons offer the highest degree of signaling effect and are widely used for evacuation alarms for fires, toxic gas leaks, chemical spills; as well as for warming of moving machinery and structures such as lifting equipment’s, service vehicles, safety barriers, gates, and doors.


PYRA PY X Series Highlights

  • Captive Fasteners
  • Plug and Socket Connections
  • Shape Moulded Gasket
  • Intelligent Installation
  • High Quality Components
  • Impact Resistant Housing and Lens
  • -40°F to -131°F Temperature Range
  • Flexible Mounting Options
  • IP 66 Enclosure Rating
  • EN 54-23 Certified

Audible Signaling

Horns and Siren, also known as “sounders” are tone generators that output an audible signal when a voltage is applied to their input power terminals. Sounders are self-generating – meaning that the tones are pre-programmed into their circuitry and the sound is simply emitted when power is supplied. Sounds are used for generating evacuation alarms in the event of fire, toxic gas leak, or chemical spill. Other applications for sounds include machinery start-up alarm, back-up warning systems, process upset signals, heavy equipment movement, moving roof systems, crane movement, and movement of doors, gates, and barriers.

Patrol PA Series Sounder Highlights

  • Captive Fastener
  • Shape-moulded Gasket
  • Plug and Socket Connections
  • Selectable Audible Notification
  • Impact Resistant Housing
  • IP 66 Enclosure Rating
  • Electromagnetic Sound Capsule Technology
  • Intelligent Installation

Combined Visual-Audible

Flashing sounders offers an enhanced level of signaling by combining visual and audible alarms. These devices are particularly well suited for environments with high ambient noise levels or when the use of hearing protection may hamper a sounder’s effectiveness. Our Flashing Sounders are designed as integrated flashing sounders, rather than combining a sounder with a bolted-on flashing light.

PA X Flashing Sounders Highlights

  • Captive Fasteners
  • Flash Tube
  • Selectable Audible Notification
  • Plug and Socket Connections
  • Shape-Moulded Gasket
  • High Quality Components
  • Intelligent Installation
  • Flexible Mounting


Pfannenberg Stacklights provide convenient visual indication for status, alert, and alarm as well as audible warning of machinery operating condition or process status. The easy-to-assemble component architecture supports up to five interchangeable modules. Choice of modules include bright LED and filament lamps for continuous or blinking operation, and hi-visibility xenon tubes. The horn sounder module supports audible alarming to complement visual warnings that may go unnoticed.

BR 50 Stacklight Highlights

  • Slim Recogonizable Design
  • IP 54/ IP 66 Enclosure Rating
  • Simple Custom Configurations
  • Stable Structure
  • Versatile Mounting
  • Self-Monitoring Module
  • AS-I BUS Module
  • Ex-ATEC Version (option)

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