Reliable and extremely precise signal conditioning designed to achieve the optimally efficient process.

Focus : Multifunctional, User-Friendly, Reliable


7 Product variants cover hundreds of applications, resulting in reduced stock as well as increased flexibility and competitiveness. PR Electronics has focused on the multifunctionality of the 4000 Series.

  • Universal supply voltage of 21.6…253 VAC / 19.2…300 VDC
  • Universal input module for the connection of mA, V, Pt100, lin. R and Potentiometer
  • 2-point process calibration
  • 2-wire supply and reference for potentiometer measures
  • Universal programming by the way of display

User – Friendly

The communication between user and device is characterized by its simplicity and thus the configuration can be carried out without a detailed manual.

  • The menu is easily understandable with scrolling help texts to guide through configuration
  • Available in 7 language versions
  • All configuration options can be selected from the display front wihtout the need for special tools
  • The front page programming units can be used to display process values and copy the configuration to other devices.


Securing customer processes also include the elimination of potential risks in connection with e.g. mounting errors or general mishandling, which may occur in stressful situations. In addition to the 5-year product guarantee, the 4000 series integrates the following protection features :

  • 2.3 kVAC galvanic isolation between input, supply, relays, and analog output
  • Sophisticated sensor error detection with alarm function by the way of the relays or the analog output
  • Process stimulation by the way of relays or the analog output
  • Password Protection
  • FM-Approved for installation in Div. 2
  • Comply with NAMUR 21 (burst), NE43 (sensor error), LVD and UL 508
  • Optional internal CJC or CJC Connector (accessory, PR Type 5910), for 4114, 4116, 4131

Posted by Alexandra Clausen