Data logging, monitoring, programming and error diagnostics.

Used alongside of the PR 4000 or PR 9000 Devices and iOS/Android devices, this communicator monitors the process values and diagnostics on compatible smart devices or directly on the PR 4512 system.

This detachable operator interface allows you to access your devices with live monitoring using an iOS/Android running the free PPS app. All logged data can be exported in .csv format, for advanced data analysis off-site and on-site on a compatible device.

The 4512 automatically detects a smart device with 4.0 or newer software, with an easy to read dot matric LCD display and safe and fast pairing using two-factor authentication. Mounts in Zone 2/Div. 2.

Features Include :

  • Easy Pairing – Simple and Safe via two-factor authentication.
  • Programming – Uses Bluetooth via iOS/Android device to run the free PR Electronic PPS
  • Monitoring – Diagnostic information and live process values to your iOS/Android device OR monitor directly on the PR 4512 display
  • Data plus event logging – Real- Time stamped events, 100 MB onboard memory, 2.75 million data points
  • Analyzing – Easy real-time process data analyzing by uploading onto iOS/Android device.
  • Off-Site – you can view data in .csv format for convenient analysis on your PC

Posted by Alexandra Clausen