The highest capacity cooling units for industrial units offers higher capacity, more efficient design, and an even more robust build for long service life.

The smallest possible footprint, replacing the DTS 34X1 & DTS 36X1 Units. These cooling units have a 15,000-29,000 BTU/H Range with 1.5 – 2 ton cooling capacity. Available in NEMA Type 12, Type 3R/4, and Type 4/4X. Both units are designed with the same dimensions and mounting cutout so they can be interchanged depending on cooling demand.

Changes Include :

  • A totally redesigned refrigeration system to ensure a longer and more robust service life
  • Smaller and simpler power connector, which reduces the protrusion of the connector into the cabinet and in turn frees up valuable real estate
  • Easy panel access
  • Front status LED Display
  • Only one unit size for two cooling capacities.
  • The largest capacity available on the market for cooling units less than 24″ wide (Between 14% and 27%!)

Other features include active condensate management, coated corrosion resistance condenser coils, and high flow evaporator fans. All of this combined ensure success in critical applications.

Ideal for high loads, especially horsepower, drive enclosures.

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Posted by Alexandra Clausen