LS Electric now offers an innovative soft starter to effectively and economically guarantee stable operation of your motor. Adding the SSC, SSM, and SSH Series Soft Starters for all applications.

The SSCe & SSCi Models

  • Compact Range
  • Closed Loop Controls & Built-in Motor Protection
  • Protects against Phase Loss, overload, phase rotation, excess start time, supply fault
  • Efficient and Elegant
  • Maximum energy efficiency and power savings in fixed speed applications
  • Zero Harmonics when running

The SSMe & SSMi Models

  • Adaptive Control is the leading-edge software start technology
  • Extensive and fully adjustable motor protections
  • Industry customized Smart Cards
  • Internally mounted fieldbus communication options
  • Full graphical display with multi-languages
  • Quick start application setup and Built-in Simulation Mode
  • USB Port for easy and fast configuration backups and data protection

The SSH Model

  • LV/MV Isolation via IBT Technology
  • DOL + Mode
  • Complete Motor Protection
  • Advanced Thermal Modelling
  • Dual Motor Set
  • Real-Time Performance Graph
  • Secondary Injection Testing
  • Starting and Stopping Options

LSE Soft Starter Mobile App

Our Application allows you to enter specs to get an instant model recommendation and supporting datasheet.

Pumping Smart Card

Smart Cards expand EMX4 functionality and I/O to cater for the specialized needs of specific industries or applications

  • Up and running in minutes vs. hours when writing and testing PLC code
  • Operations can observe performance in terms and values they are use to
  • Minimize space and labor costs
  • Parameter settings instead of finding and referring to PLC Program

Post made by Alexandra Clausen

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